Lately most weekdays, you’ll find me afterschool on the playground, using my laptop while my daughter plays with friends. Coding Tidepool with gradeschoolers in view has been great for my momentum, or rather it was, until they discovered what I was up to.  Now I’m getting interrupted with urgent questions like “Is Tidepool done yet?”   “What are you working on now?”  “Is that a portal?”  “Can I make another sound?” and so on.  Yesterday I had a crowd around me, with most asking to play Tidepool at home.

With Alpha 2 approaching, it’s time to make plans.  Today I invited 24 local families to join the “Kismet Club,” a group of children alpha testers.  We’ll meet every other Saturday or so for a few hours of guided Tidepool play, with perhaps some professors from local colleges looking on, in hopes of fostering a face-to-face ed-tech scene nearby.

So long I’ve looked to other states, countries, and continents for collaborators, but never my own backyard, which is a bit nuts since Lehigh University, my alma-mater, is only three miles away, with quite a good reputation for education technology.  Our Waveplace work has always been at a distance, with only two week stretches of face-to-face time.  What a change it’ll be to see the kids over time.

So now I’ve got some genuine deadlines to meet.  I’ve an audience to aim at again.

Let’s play!

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