Day 12

Here’s a TED talk from a very inspirational 17 year old woman from Columbus School for Girls.  She missed the 2011 Waveplace St John trip, but found her passion in Egypt instead.


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Today, Waveplace is very excited to announce a new software project …

Tidepool® .. a place to play and learn.

Taking the experience we’ve gained over the last five years teaching Sugar, Etoys, and Scratch in places like Haiti and Nicaragua,  we’ve decided to create a brand-new learning system, one that furthers the cause of constructionist learning through a multi-touch interface, open API, and new programming paradigm.

When will it be available?   When it’s ready.   We’re currently in the alpha stage with our core group of twelve collaborators.  We’ll start an open beta sometime in 2013.

To see our “big bullets”, visit

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We’ve thought about what kind of software we’d create for years, now’s our chance to make it real.  We hope you like it!

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