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Computer Class Graduation
We want to congratulate the graduating class of the Waveplace Zoranje. In the six week course, 20 students aged eight to 17 learned how to perform basic functions using the internet and Microsoft Word. They also learned how to design their own stories using the computer program ETOYS. During the graduation ceremony on March 2, 2012, students delivered presentations of their stories to their peers and family members. The graduating class also showed their family members how to use the computer programs that they had learned in the course. The students were taught by a team of four local professors from the community—Agenord Alain, Alexis Oberjo, Maeva Pierre, and James Vernelus—and earned a certificate for their participation and successful completion of the course. They hope to continue to improve their computer skills in future courses.

Waveplace Trainer Site Visit Report

Before the work of Michena, I have visited with Adam and Junior pilot of Athletic Prodev last 12 of August after the workshop to Cap Haitian.I have seen that the mentors and children work very well and the children make Good project, and mentors use projector to teach children,mentors learn another mentor how he can use etoys and teach children, I have seen that he was very intelligent and teach children well.They don’t have problem with laptop and other materials.They do good management of materials.

About Michena’s visit in prodev she told me that she has very glad to see the work of children, she told me that mentors work very well, according to her  and me we can say that Athletic Prodev is the better pilot in port-au-prince after Acacia school, she have seen the responsible of the pilot,she was visited other part of school with the responsible,the responsible was very glad for the visit, they have a room of informatics very confortable, in prodev there are three classes with are finish to learn etoys and storybook, mentors do other activities with children. Like the responsible talk to you and me about certificate, mentors also ask to me by phone and Michena too to have theirs certificates and I can say that they do effort and work well to have theirs certificates.  BRAVO FOR ATHLETIC PRODEV!!!