For a month now, I’ve been pacing laps with my Skype phone, talking to dozens of people about our newest venture: Project Acorn.  The plan began as a nebulous grouping of the many things we wish we had more time & funding for, then gradually coalesced into details, people, budgets, and bullet points.  Last night, I found the last member of our team, which consists of seven coordinators and five advisers, all working together through the end of 2012.

I’ll be posting here at least twice a week, so watch this space.  Details on the project itself will appear gradually as I finish the proposal, which I’m working on now.  After a suitable period of deliberation between the twelve of us, we’ll go public with everything, as one of our goals is complete transparency.

For now I’ll say simply this:  Project Acorn is about strengthening and deepening existing laptop projects, not starting new ones.  It’s about sustainability, local ownership, and cooperative communities.  It’s about Assessment, Courseware, Outreach, Reflection, and Network (ACORN).

Now for my traditional first task on any big project: making an appropriate playlist I’ll listen to every day till its done.

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