Today after a wonderful long talk with Christoph Derndorfer about courseware & government goals, I received an email from a gentlemen we’ve spoken with at Haiti’s Ministry of Education, inviting us to an IDB-sponsored ICT event this week. After reading through the list of presenters, it became abundantly clear that I needed to attend this event, so in a mad scramble, I moved my trip up two days. Nevermind that *four* days of prep was impossible, now I’ve got *two*.

My first reaction, of course, was “how could I have not heard of this ICT event before today?” I’ve spoken to hundreds of people in Haiti about education technology for years, so finding out with three days notice was unsettling. I spoke to my contact at OLPC and he was likewise out of the loop and surprised. I spoke to two of our partners, who were likewise surprised. One said, “This is very typical of Haiti. Events with no advanced warning or publicity.” Another partner had actually heard about the event. I asked her how she found out. “My sister was one of the organizers. She emailed me today.” So at least I wasn’t the last to know 🙂

Now I’m trying to relax after a whirlwind day. My brain is racing with a new level of crazy details while I’m trying to chill out on a hammock in our yard, listening to the twilight songs of birds. My many goals for this trip are beyond possible, which means it’s probably time to simply drop all expectations and see what happens.

Just now an email with some very kind words: “By the way, your blog was truly inspiring and encouraging for many volunteers who are giving helping hands in Haiti!”

I question daily how much of myself to reveal in these posts. There’s the business-suit, firm-handshake, market-driven part of me that says “Play it cool. Reveal nothing.” Fortunately, there’s also the wrinkly-shirt, walk-into-walls guy whose chief aim is making children laugh so they see that learning should be fun.

Yes, there’s a time to inspire confidence. More often though, and better, to inspire freedom.

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