Spent a surprising amount of time today organizing the many Waveplace computer files we’ve accumulated over the years. Between all the documents, spreadsheets, Etoys projects, visual designs, photos, videos, and Sugar backups, there’s a treasure trove of past activity, all spread out in different places: my laptop, our media drive, our wiki, our shared iDisk, our version-control repository. Add to that Beth’s laptop, which likely has a few dozen files I don’t know about, and we’ve got a serious information management mess.

Today’s focus was a courseware inventory in preparation for our courseware meet in Haiti during my trip. Quite a lot is done, but it’s all over the place, with inconsistent file & folder names, wildly different designs, and needless duplication. First, I need to collect & organize the important bits, then “put the shine” on everything so it looks part of a professional and consistent system. I simply can’t present what we’ve got now.

What a lot of work, and all without actually creating something new!

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