As though the mountain of pending details weren’t heavy enough, we’re in the middle of a June heat wave with broken A/C, which adds nicely to the swelter. Between billable software dev, Isabel interruptions, and my outta-control inbox, I’m just keeping my head. Seems I’m always saying, “Wow, this time I’m really busy,” as though all the other crazy times were easy.

Okay, so today I managed to put in 4 billable hours, had two great phone talks with Kyle (Mercy Corps) and John (Haiti Partners), wrote an email which could lead to a very important meeting while in Haiti, and confirmed half a dozen details that have plagued my thoughts as I drift off to sleep. So why does it feel like I’ve barely made a dent in what needs to be done?

It’s a marathon, Tim, not a sprint. Know when to give up trying and rest.

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