Just back from our second workshop in the Virgin Islands with Columbus School for Girls, which was quite wonderful, as you can read here.  Many great conversations over the two weeks, some terrific new courseware created, and a renewed commitment to scaling things in the USVI this year.

Without much break, I’ll be turning right around to start another workshop in Haiti in ten days on June 18th.  This time Waveplace will be working with Mercy Corps, PRODEV, and L’Athlétique d’Haiti to start five new school projects in Cité Soleil and elsewhere.

Today starts my daily blogging for this trip. This time around, I’ll blog less about logistics and more about the children, the trainers, and the teachers. Whenever I read old blog posts, I’m always struck with how much gets left out, how much of what’s important gets looked over as I rush from task to task. This trip, I’ll write more about people.

Which means of course, I need to start with me. Sitting here in a cushy chair at a local Starbucks, feeling worn out from two weeks of stairs, sunburn, and mosquitoes at Maho Campgrounds, I’m feeling less than ready for Haiti again, though this will pass.

Two things on my mind that are different this workshop.  First, I’ll be traveling alone to save costs, though I’ll be working with four of our local Haitian trainers.  Next, we’re doing the workshop in one week instead of two, which is a first for Haiti, at least since we started doing it right.  Our Florida workshop in 2008 was also one week, but that was grueling.

Whatever my feelings, there’s grounding to be found in knowing that the need is great, our commitment is strong, and our work genuinely helps.

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