Just had a talk with Caroline Hudicourt and the mentors at the Acacia School.


Can you believe that things there are CRUISING? The kids are going home everyday hungry for more. In fact, a number of the students are finishing their assignments well before their due dates. Other students are actually teaching the mentors things that they discovered.

Mentorship between the kids themselves at Acacia is huge as well. The kids are actively helping each other. They are incredibly engaged. Caroline and the other mentors couldn’t be more impressed with their work.

We encouraged the mentors to write their thoughts down after each class (they are holding class twice per week). That will enable them to write better reports, which Caroline will then send to us. Keeping in good communication is key.

But who could ask for a better pilot? Kids who are hungry to learn and who are learning faster than ever, teachers who are excited about the next lessons– it’s a dream come true.

Unfortunately for the Acacia school, there are more students than there are laptops so the kids are rotating their use. Each student must go without a computer once every six days in order to make the rotation work. It certainly isn’t ideal, but I’m impressed that they are doing what they can to make this pilot as successful as possible.

I feel like cheering them on.

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