Early in the morning, we got word from Sarita that school was officially closed because of protesting.  Tires were being burned in intersections.  More protests were feared.  Given that we would likely have only half of the mentors in class as well, we cancelled the mentor class too, as well as our trip to Acacia School for laptop handouts.

So, with pretty much no teaching to do all day, Beth and I hunkered down at the Visa Lodge and debricked almost all the remaining laptops.

Through the day, I checked Twitter to find out what was going on across town.  Protesters set up barricades near the presidential palace, shouting “Leave Preval” and other less flattering slogans.  It was officially the day he was supposed to leave office.  He celebrated by announcing he’d stay in office another three months.  While most see this as a good thing, the timing of his announcement (with people protesting in the streets) was perhaps a bit off.

As the day went on, I read about UN and police troops using tear gas.  At one point, Beth and I heard brief gunfire in the distance.  The hotel restaurant was empty.  The streets that I could see were clear.  Beth and I kept at our laptop work, discussing life and music and how to make workshops even less expensive.  Things were a lot less exciting at the Visa Lodge.

Sarita and Darma joined us for dinner to discuss the future of AMURT and Waveplace.  The coolest thing to happen to me all day was finding out that they had actually been to Goat Island, where my mom and I stayed in 1977.  The hotel no longer runs, but the ruins are there.  I simply must find a way to go visit that spot.  It’s crazy how much I want to do this.

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