Today started with a drive out to Ysmaille’s neighborhood with the “Life Is Good” guys to see a morning session with the AMURT folks. Crowded in a trailer-sized space there were roughly 100 people, mostly young children. Peter & Rudy led songs with the whole room singing and dancing and smiling.

After I while I walked around outside, taking in the nearby tent camp, the all important context surrounding the room of joy I’d left.

After some errands with Sarita and Dharma, we returned to the hotel to find Susie (from Mercy & Sharing) having lunch. After catching up I mentioned the PlayMakers and the room of joy and she told me of six orphans who had died a few months back. “It’s too soon for celebrations.”

This got me thinking again about the wisdom of inciting enthusiasm in a place of grief. I asked Ysmaille about it and he said, “It is never too soon to celebrate. Children do not grieve in the same way as adults. They need joy to heal.”

Earlier in the week, I was leaning toward Susie’s thoughts on this, but I’m becoming more convinced of the outright joy approach.

Back at AMSAI, I taught the mentors the infamous lesson 7, which is likely the hardest of the ten. I managed to make things more “discovery”, which seemed to help greatly.  By the end, we were glad we had only the one class that day as we were all very tire.

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