The other day, one of our mentors came to class very, very late. He had traveled from Cite Soleil to tell us that he would not be able to join us that day– because his two year-old daughter was shot in the streets. Luckily, it had only grazed her side, so she was going to be okay. A couple of political protests in light of election results (and election result expectations) had made the Cite Soleil streets a place that was very much not a place you’d want to be.

In spite of that, he came to class to tell us that he wouldn’t be able to make it today. He was actually concerned about his attendance because he cares so much about class.

There’s no quantitative proof yet that class at Amsai is a success. But if you just look at these kids’ faces, if you look at the mentors’ faces, you would understand.

They know this is something special. And they want to be here.

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