From my experience in Haiti, nothing is ever really the same twice.

Tim and I are sitting in his hotel room, fixing some bricked laptops. The last time I was doing this, I was with Bill. We had one night to de-brick I’m not sure how many laptops, maybe 50? 100? We had just learned what was wrong with the computers and how to fix them. We were at John Engle’s house, of Haiti Partners, and we were up all night, having just come from La Gonave, where we lived with families and walked two hours to the market on Thursday mornings.

Now it’s daytime and I’m with Tim at Visa Lodge. We actually know how to fix these things (sort of). It’s Sunday and the hotel is bustling for the weekend; an oasis of music and tanning by the pool with various blan, be them journalists, NGO workers, visitors. A totally different world in the same country, really.

But some things are the same. I brought my collection of nail polish again. It won me over with various girls in Leogane the last time I was here. This morning, I made a handful of new friends with the kids down the street with the help of red, glittery purple and three pinks. Two of them will be participating in our laptop pilot tomorrow. It will also be their first day of school, ever.

It’s a bit of an honor to be part of these girls’ first school day in their lives. It also makes me really respectful of AMURT and the work that they are doing at the Amsai school, where we’ll be having class tomorrow.

We are accompanied by Evens and Elisabeth, mentors from Petite Riviere des Nippes and Leogane (respectfully) who have come to help us train the new group of mentors – quite different from teaching kids. I have faith that they can do it, with a little preparation. Then they’ll be able to go back to their hometowns and teach their fellow mentors a thing or two and inevitably make their teams stronger.

Excited for our first kids’ class tomorrow. Onward and upward!

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