Awake at 5:30, my mind already racing.  In 24 hours my plane takes off.  Beth is traveling to Boston for dinner with OLPC and a Haitian group, so I’m solo today.

My four concerns are packing, printing materials, prepping laptops, and website updates.  At this point, I cannot finish everything on my list, so it’s triage time.

I’m starting with the website work, since frankly the lack of updates are embarrassing.  On the Charlie Rose show, Sean Penn said something like, “If you have time to update your website than you’re not doing your job” or something like that.  I guess I’m doing my job then, since I don’t even have Haiti Partners, American Haitian Foundation, or BETH on the website yet.  Yeah, we’re good with blogging, video, and announcements, but simple website updates have been long neglected.  Never mind that the website looks like it was created in 2007 (which it was).  I won’t have time to fix that today.

As for prepping laptops, I began this process a few days ago, but I’ve got about ten left.  We’re using the bleeding edge OLPC release (10.1.3) from two weeks ago since there’s just too much good stuff in there to ignore.  I haven’t really had time to decide which activities to bundle yet, so we’re gonna do that part on the fly.   I’ve also gotta find my “debricker” cable somewhere in the mess that is my office floor.  Someone remind me I need that debricker cable, okay?

Printing is, as usual, too little, too late.  We’ve got six units of seven in our lesson book, but only four of these are in Haitian Creole.  Special thanks to Christine and Madeleine from Columbus School for Girls for scrambling to get the “Health: Malaria” unit done in time.  As for the rest of the printing, the all important handouts are not yet done, which is pretty much my fault.  I was really hoping for handouts for at least Basic Etoys, lessons seven, eight, and nine.

And packing.  Luckily, I’ve got this one pretty much down.  I haven’t started yet, but I know what to bring.  Aside from changing my mindset from sub-zero temperatures to 89 degrees, I’ll be fine, though there’s always niggling details, like buying more videotape (someone remind me about this too).

Then it’s wait to get picked up at 2:30am for a wintry drive across New Jersey, hopefully without blizzard conditions.  Now they’re saying that snow will start in Philadelphia “early Wed AM” and New York “late Wed AM”, so it looks like I’m just making it under the wire.  They’re calling for as much as a foot in Boston, so Beth may not be so lucky on Thursday.

Okay, enough talk.  Time to accomplish the impossible.

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