One year ago this morning, on my birthday, I’d spent a sleepless night in Cambridge MA, wrestling with a serious quandary: how much was I willing to commit to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake? The previous day I’d attended an MIT think tank about Haiti and subsequent film screening where I first met Adam Holt of OLPC. Between the talks I had at MIT, at dinner with Dale Joachim and Michel DeGraff, and after the movie with Adam Holt, I was fire up to do *something*, though knew it would extract a heavy cost, both emotionally and financially.

Since the earthquake nine days earlier I’d been submerged in a sorrowful funk, overwhelmed by what I was hearing from Bill Stelzer and our partners in Port-au-Prince. I was planning on cancelling our one Haiti pilot that was scheduled before the quake. The night of talks in Cambridge turned my sorrow into resolve, though it took a full night of dwelling silently before I could reach true commitment.

When my wife woke and saw my look, I told her I wanted to commit to Haiti. She said, “Well, of course you do!” Her look told me that it had been plain enough to her for a week, that my night of quandary had been pointless.

Now having devoted nine months of the last year to Haiti along with $160,000, I’m days away from the next chapter.

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