This morning started with the welcome news that the laptops had cleared customs. For a few hours, I felt like everything was going great with our upcoming workshop.

Then I got an email from the new interim education director from JP/HRO. With a much more formal tone than her earlier emails, she regrets to inform that they could not proceed with the pilot. We’re left in the lurch a week before the pilot starts, with over two months of agreement to partner. All the more puzzling that two days earlier both the education director and country director were excited about the project.

I immediately start scrambling to fill the void, looking for a new partner willing to spring to action with only a week’s notice. Incredibly, I found another school within a few hours, one that is very highly regarded by two people I respect.

Yes, JP/HRO would have been a great partner from a networking & publicity standpoint. Now with some perspective, I see they did fall short in other areas. We look for partners who have long experience working in a given area (JP/HRO is a year old.) We look for partners with progressive attitudes about education (JP/HRO is on its third education director in six months, so there’s really no way to gauge this). We look for partners that can assure long-term sustainability of the project (JP/HRO is almost by definition a temporary solution.)

While I’ll admit to whiplash for their sudden reversal, I’m getting pretty psyched about the unexpected replacement school. Things have a way of working out better than you planned, if you let them.

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