Waveplace Starting Five New OLPC Laptop Projects in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Following the success of their seven OLPC (“One Laptop Per Child”) projects last year, Waveplace Foundation is returning to Haiti to start five new laptop projects in the Port-Au-Prince region.

This time, Waveplace is partnering with Restavek Freedom (advocates for Haitian slave children), AMURT (working in tent camps and schools), and Haiti Partners (teachers of civic empowerment). Two of the pilots will be in Cité Soleil.

The overall purpose of these laptop projects is to help solve Haiti’s long-term difficulties by teaching problem solving directly. Using computer programming to engage children and guided discovery as an alternative to “watch the chalkboard” rote discipline, Waveplace encourages iterative, reflective, problem solving skills.

“Children aren’t usually taught to think for themselves,” said Timothy Falconer, executive director of Waveplace. “By using laptops to teach problem solving, deep understanding, and digital fluency, we’re preparing children to someday take on their country’s challenges themselves.”

The mentor training workshop will run 28-January to 11-February, 2011, with each program continuing throughout the year. Interested parties are invited to contact Waveplace to arrange for a visit.

For more information, visit www.waveplace.org or call 610-797-3100.

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