This morning I was all set to write something meaningful about Martin Luther King, but as I checked my Twitter feed, found out that Baby Doc Duvalier returned to Haiti last night after 25 years in exile.

As Beth said, this sounds like a new wrinkle in a bad Hollywood movie. Just as we’re waiting for Preval’s pronouncement, as Haiti holds its breath in hopes of democratic resolve, the very embodiment of the old way returns to “help his country.”

Now the buzz is all about him, which of course serves to distract from Preval’s delayed announcement. Instead of adding to the buzz, I simply refer you to Baby Doc’s Wikipedia page and keep moving along.

Loving that Haitians have yet another thing to protest against, with me nine days from downtown Port-au-Prince. (My trip got bumped one day earlier.)

Please let Preval announce as soon as possible. And please, nothing else!

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