The next big document we created in November was our Pilot Plan, which breaks down into three sections: Details, Schedule, and Budget. While the Partner Accord is an ongoing agreement, the Pilot Plan is specific to one pilot. Meant to clarify expectations further, each Pilot Plan can be changed easily without signatures.

Here’s the schedule for one of our upcoming pilots. It takes a great deal of talk between five different organizations to get things so simple.

* Thu Jan 27th .. US-based Waveplace team flies in
* Fri Jan 28th ..  3pm to 5pm .. mentor class #1 at Amsai
* Sat Jan 29th .. 3pm to 5pm .. mentor class #2 at Amsai
* Sun Jan 30th .. off
* Mon Jan 31 to Thu Feb 10th, weekdays
   1pm to 3pm .. children class #1 to #9 at Amsai
   3pm to 5pm .. mentor class #3 to #10 at Amsai
* Fri Feb 11th
   1pm to 3pm .. children class #10 and celebration at Amsai
   3pm to 4pm .. mentor wrap up discussion
* Sat Feb 12th .. US-based Waveplace team flies out
* Mon Feb 14 to Thu Mar 25th, weekdays (six weeks)
TBD .. children class #1 to #30 at Cité Soleil School

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