More work today on proposals and budgets. Trying yet again to slim down my rap, the endless conversation, the Why of Waveplace. Today I told Beth, “The most important tool in writing is the delete key.” Someday I’ll be happy with it.

Here’s a great TED talk that covers many points. If you substitute “math” for “creative problem solving”, you’re pretty much there. I particularly like his highlighting of programming as a benefit in itself. Also great is the end, where he refers to the new subject, as yet unnamed, that should be the center of it.

During lunch I discovered “Auto-Tune the News” and watched for an hour or so. There’s a brilliance to semi-political commentary thrown in, the thoughts we all should be having, but aren’t. In this one, I love “maybe something in between, like mediocrity, etc.”

What does this have to do with Haiti? Pretty much everything. Teaching children to think for themselves starts with showing ways it can be done. We need a Mystery Science Theater approach to news and politics, questioning everything as we roll up our sleeves to fix things ourselves. Remix the world.

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