Talked with another partner today and learned that the teachers they wish to train teach until 1pm and then go directly to university classes. The only option is teaching another workshop class at their location at 7am, followed by a children’s class at 8am, which at this point would mean we’d have FIVE classes a day for two weeks. Too much.

So we talked it out and decided it might be better to push their pilot to February since there are other partners near them we could combine them with then. This makes perfect sense, and it helps take the pressure off since we were doing six pilots, which is a lot. For Waveplace, though, it means the loss of a funded pilot in January, which drops us below our general budget.

So Beth and I turned our attention to creating the real budget. This entails looking for flights, hotels, food, etc. There’s usually a dozen different ways to save money given enough lead time. The big question was whether we could still do the workshop with the loss of one funded pilot.

The short answer is “Yes, but just barely.” We’re uncomfortably close to the edge, which is never a good place to be in unpredictable Haiti.

Donations would help now, by the way. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan, so even small amounts ($25 USD) will help us make it through January. Never mind the level descriptions (“One day of rent”) … all money is going to the general Haiti fund at this point:

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