Once in a while, I look up from our Waveplace work and feel a little starstruck. Today I spent time on the phone planning January’s pilot at JP/HRO, the Sean Penn relief organization. Last night I was watching a movie with Maria Bello, wife of the man I met from future Waveplace partner Artists for Peace and Justice. Last week I was flipping through People magazine and saw photos of Maria and Patricia Arquette, patron of future Waveplace partner, MMRC. Today I was researching possible partner Richard A. Morse and discovered that his band had a song in the movie Philadelphia and his hotel was the basis for both Graham Greene’s “The Comedians” and the original Addams Family house.

Phew! Now I just watched a Today Show clip with Matt Lauer interviewing a woman who volunteers for Haiti Partners at one of the four Waveplace pilot schools near Leog├óne I visited last month. That’s John Engle translating for her at the dedication for the new school.

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Here’s a longer clip from the Cabois School dedication:

Now I should be used to this. I grew up in “Beverly Hills East”, which is what they were calling Alpine NJ when I was in high school. Having many celebrity neighbors perhaps prepared me for a “brush with fame” time of it, but lately I keep stumbling into the mainstream, or at least near it.

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