Back to daily blogging, as we’re 40 days away from another trip to Haiti on January 8th. Our next workshop is scheduled for January 10th to January 21st, with the first pilot starting on the 10th and going until February 18th and the others starting January 24th and going until March 4th. At this point, we’re working with Haiti Partners, AMURT, JP/HRO, Restavek Freedom, One-By-One Leadership, and Wozo Youth Choir.

Spent the morning reading news of yesterday’s election in Haiti. Most of the candidates held a press conference alleging fraud by Preval’s party, asking for the results to be thrown out. Here’s a picture from a polling place that was ransacked by protesters. Those are votes on the floor.

A child scavenges a box at a polling site in Port-au-Prince. ... on Twitpic

Today Beth and I are working on the new Waveplace accord, an informal contract between Waveplace and partner organizations. We’re also making our “3000 laptop proposal”, primarily for OLPC who will soon decide what to do with all the laptops that have been donated by G1G1 recipients since Nicholas Negroponte’s plea to donate laptops for Haiti last January.

Should be a busy week. We’re also waiting to hear about our bid for a 4 month project for a very large NGO doing work in Haiti. Could be exciting.

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