Had a great phone conference yesterday with Sarita from AMURT about hosting our next Waveplace training workshop next month. Turns out their location couldn’t be better for the pilots we want to hold in Port-au-Prince. Their AMSAI school is literally in the middle of everything, just ten or fifteen minutes from all sites.

I asked her about current tensions over the UN protests. She said there was definitely a different vibe in the capital, though for those that have been through other events, this episode wasn’t particularly troubling. Hours after our talk I got word about the protests near her. Guess I picked the right week to go home.

Beth and I are now working on the details of the upcoming workshop and pilots. Looks like we’ll be having five with 25 laptops each. Twenty-five mentors will meet each day at AMSAI to take the training workshop and work with AMSAI kids. We’ll be announcing which partners we’re working with (other than AMURT and Haiti Partners) as soon as we have green lights from everyone.

We really couldn’t ask for a better workshop location. Ample electricity and Internet. A great space with close access to kids. Centrally located in an urban location, so mentors can travel by tap-tap easily. Best of all: AMURT, an organization dedicated to many of the same principles and approaches.

Later in the day, I was interviewed again for the Disaster Recovery Hour radio show in NYC. My co-guest was Nanci from MMRC, who seems like a good connection for us. These are the “cowboy EMT” guys.

Anyway, hoping to announce the pilots soon. The biggest variable is the calendar dates. Our original plan was to fly in the day after the Haitian elections. Early December may give way to early January, given current tensions. Gotta love it … first cholera, then a hurricane, now riots.

Haiti is an interesting place.

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