Sitting at a Starbucks with my XO 1.5 in Gnome mode. This is quite the little portable machine now that I can use the adult software too.

I’m watching the stream of Pennsylania caffeine addicts plunk down their $1.50+ for their morning fix, while listening to smooth sounds from Frankie and friends. People are talking about family visits and minor car damage. There’s a stranger-ness to the awkward smiles and hellos between us. We’re behind bubbles even when we talk.

Adam’s mom wrote me an email about my blog. She called this “culture shock,” relating my re-entry observations to her return from Africa a few decades ago. I’m not quite sure what to do with this feeling, this fresh perspective. As such, I’ll write and keep writing. I’m hoping to remember things a little longer this time.

So now with two lazy sleepy re-entry days and Tuesday before me, what next to do with what I learned and who I met during my time in Haiti? What are the next steps?

Of primary concern is money, as all else depends on it. I’ve a habit of rushing in with debatable financial faith, which serves me well. I’m good at making something from nothing. Entrepreneur means “risk-taker”, and I am one. Rarely have I had a pitch that connected so completely with so many as Waveplace. Now comes the time for specific proposals to specific people. I have to close the deal.

Such terms and talk in the non-profit world make some nervous, as it feels less than altruistic to talk of sales and signing. But here we are, as usual, on the edge of hope and happening. The good we seek will not happen without a signed check or two and this resolve requires a different skill set, a business minded one.

Sustainable means money. There’s no other way around this.

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