As I type this, I’m sitting on a plane at Miami Airport, waiting to fly north and home. Last night I had my first hot shower in a while, my first flush toilet, my first guiltless power-up for all my devices.

Yesterday started with goodbyes at John’s house. John, Merline, Layla, Daniel, and Alex were truly a home away from home these past eight days. Saying goodbye was bittersweet, with promises to soon return.

I then met Hannah for a meet with Valerie of World Vision, which went very well. There is a strong possibiity for a year long grant to help three schools in Port au Prince that focus on differently abled children, which would be wonderful.

We then drove to the Amsai school once again, making this my third visit in the last week. The children have grown to recogize me (and my laptop). They crowded around and held my hand. One little girl was using the Paint program and wrote “I love you”, then handed it back to me with a smile.

Adam’s Blue Tarp group toured the school with Sarita. We discussed the upcoming December workshop more with her, Hannah, and Darma. I had a good long time to simply sit in the space. It feels right. It feels like history.

Adam, Hannah, and I then went to lunch at the Visa Lodge, the site of our first Haiti workshop. We discussed numbers, and philosophy, and emotions. It was so good to spend time with Adam again, bringing our trip full circle. We drove to the airport and dropped off the rental and said goodbye.

In the airport, I met Richard A. Morse, the owner of the Hotel Olafson where I’d danced up a storm the night before. Apparently his mother has a school and he knows Jimmy Buffet. His cousin is Martelly, the rapper presidential candidate. Our talk was very interesting.

On the plane, I sat next to a man from Uruguay who worked at the IDB, which is one of the organizations we had hoped to meet, but never connected with. He gave me great insights and contacts for a future follow-up.

All in all, an amazing trip. I visited 20 schools and had 18 meetings in 12 days, which is almost double what we’d hoped. More than this, our upcoming pilots are planned with excellent partners and wonderful locations.

Ah, electronic devices need to be off. Take care, everyone.

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