Started down the hill yesterday for my meet with JP/HRO, the Sean Penn Camp, with calls aplenty trying to coordinate the day. Note to self … don’t talk on a cell phone while you’re navigating through the Petìtionville market during rush hour. Found my way to the Petionville Golf Club, which has been turned into a camp, and had a great meeting with Lisa and Shannon from JP/HRO. Things look good for a December pilot.

Peter from Haiti Partners joined me at the club, then we drove up and up and up to Save the Children for a meet with three women, one of them just in from Washington DC. Initially, they seemed uninterested, as their focus is very much disaster recovery, but then we started talking about restavek children and after-school programs and they seemed much more receptive.

After Save, we drove to the Amsai school again to pick up supplies to deliver and I ran into Sarita from Amurt, who’s becoming a valuable ally. She showed me the workshop space upstairs and we agreed that it would be an ideal location for our December workshop, with Amurt as a much stronger partner than expected. I also got to spend more time with the kids, which as always was a highlight.

We picked up Hannah and drove to the UN “logcamp” where many NGOs were clustered in little trailer camps. We meet with a gracious and helpful woman from the education section of Unicef who offered to set up a presentation to a group of partner NGOs, where we could tell them of our approach and ask for the help and guidance in conducting future pilots and developing courseware.

Back at home, I met John’s brother and his friends, and then we all went out after 11pm to the Hotel Olaffson to watch RAM, an incredible band. I danced until I was pretty much soaked and we finally returned home after 2am.

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