Sunday was a rest day, for the most part. We started with a phone conference with our good friend Mike Dawson in Afghanistan. Having a meet between Haiti and Afghanistan felt pretty cool, as did his emphasis on cost effectiveness and assessment. Adam, John, Bonnie, and myself had a good talk about both of these subjects before breakfast.

I drove Michena to the bus station in Port-au-Prince with Alex, Merline’s brother. He showed me some landmarks in preparation for my solo trips this week. Port-au-Prince is a real maze, though I guess like anywhere, it’s understandable after a bit. To me right now, most of the streets seem the same. They’re of course largely unmarked.

Back at John’s, Adam hatched a plan to drive the rental north of the airport by himself to meet with his Blue Tarp Group. At the last minute, Bonnie came along. I stayed home to have a welcome afternoon nap. When I woke, it was already dark and Adam and Bonnie hadn’t yet returned. Though worried about them, I resisted the urge to check up on them like a parent, and instead had a relaxing meal with John and Merline. When Adam appeared later, I was much relieved. I later learned that their expedition north of the airport (near Cite Soleil) was pretty dicey at times. Bonnie was geniunely worried on the ride home.

All in all, Sunday was exactly what I needed: a break between two busy, busy weeks.

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