Saturday began with a beautiful view from our mountainside perch. The rain was gone and Port-au-Prince looked beautiful.

Adam mentioned over breakfast that he’d like to meet with a gentlemen from Artists for Peace and Justice who was interested in buying some XOs. John, Adam and I picked up Benaja and headed to the US Embassy to meet Bryn at the Daily Cafe, an American restaurant that clearly catered to the many organizations that surrounded the embassy. It felt surreal to walk into this cafe, as it was very much like home. The market across the lot was also very American, and extremely overpriced.

Bryn was clearly a do-er (and apparently married to Mario Bello). His main concerns were a nearby children’s hospital and secondary school, along with connections to 40 other primary schools. We presented both the laptop and the Waveplace program, along with the Haiti Partners Civic Empowerment program. He seemed very interested.

Later he took us on a tour of the hospital, where we met Davidson, a little boy who had lost his entire family, along with three of his fingers, in the earthquake. Davidson saw the XO and became enamored with it, taking possession of it and running and hiding with it at one point.

The facility was impressive, particularly the abandoned children’s unit, the neonatal unit, and the cancer ward. Bryn took us on the roof to show us the many organizations surrounding the hospital, including a mental health hospital and several schools. He later drove us to the secondary school that was being built. They apparently paid 2 million for 16 acres.

As we drove back to John’s house, we discussed what we were going to do with the 100 laptops that were now waiting in customs. We originally had planned to do a pilot in a school near John’s house, but relations with the owner of the school had broken down, so we needed an alternative. As John was building a new school nearby, we hoped to develop a solid model pilot, beginning with children and mentors that John knew. He suggested we use a choir that rehearsed with Merline’s brother Alex. After talking a bit, we decided on this as we walked up to his house. As fate would have it, the choir was practicing just then.

After listening for a while, we told the choir they would receive laptops. They seemed very appreciative and excited. I left an XO for them to look at. As soon as choir practice ended, they made a beeline for the XO to explore on their own.

Soon after, we took a drive further up the mountain to look at some land that John and Merline were considering as the site for their new school. The views from up there reminded me of the Beverly Hills, overlooking San Fernando Valley, only much higher. It truly was a beautiful spot.

The day ended with talk around the dinner table about schools and Haiti. I demonstrated Etoys to Bonnie, who put her marketers hat on for a bit. We talked until about 11:30 about how to best describe the educational benefits of Etoys.

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