With rain through the night and most of the morning, we were braced for the worst as we looked down the mountain to the tent cities of Port-au-Prince. Watching the weather forecast, we were surprised to see the bulk of the storm had already passed before noon, which was much sooner than expected. After another wonderful meal by Merline, we headed out to see if there was an flooding down the hill. Here is an overflowing stream that is normally just a trickle:

Driving around the capital, things seemed relatively quiet and calm. Most things had been closed in preparation for the storm, so there was little traffic. We decided to meet Wadson at Healing Hands of Haiti. Wadson and Adam are building a new school north of the airport. We also met some folks from Every Person Has A Story (ephas) that are using digital cameras as a way to engage children throughout Haiti and elsewhere in the world.

John decided it would be a great day to visit the newly opened school in Cabois, as there was no traffic. As we drove out, we saw more evidence of flooding. Across from the school, a previously slim river had turned into a very wide and powerful force, which no doubt was emptying straight into Léogâne.

We passed a convoy of UN trucks that were headed for relief work in Léogâne. Adam and I were very glad we decided to cross east across the two rivers. Michena is still with us, as she and her mom cannot get west past the flooding.

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