After a restful sleep at Abelaird’s house, we interviewed Joseph about his thoughts on expanding the project throughout Haiti. “No government, no government.” After breakfast, we began our walk around Darbonne to visit the four schools working with Haiti partners.

At each, we were introduced to every class and showed them the laptop, though many had already taken part in the pilots. Joseph had them say to the video camera, “We want more laptops, please” and “Thank you OLPC and Waveplace.”

One of the future schools was recently built using the template developed by Haiti Partners. Looks like it will be a wonderful school once it’s opened.

As we went to the fourth school, we decided to take the car, but discovered we had a flat. After some scrambling to find all the pieces to the jack, Adam and Joseph fixed it quickly and we were on our way to the last school.

To cap off the evening, the Léogâne mentors gathered to talk about their needs and the future of the project. It was very good to see them all again.

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