Yesterday was a full, full day. Starting with breakfast and Internet at Manalo’s Inn with their wonderful view, then “We absolutely cannot be late” and we were off to College Saint Antoine de Padoue, the site of our 2009 pilot and two of our pilots last Spring. We arrived just before Michena, at “8 am sharp.”

We started by getting the kids together for a photograph. I had them raising their XOs in the air and saying “Squeak .. Etoys” and swaying.

As it was a school holiday, we have trouble getting electricity. We bought some gasoline across the street and got the generator going (thanks Adam!). Soon the kids were plugged in and ready to show off their Etoys prowess.

We met with the mentors after class to talk about their concerns and ideas for the future. I asked them the “difficult question,” which was … if we were to promote some of you to assume more of a leadership role, how should we pick? What criteria should we use? I stressed that I wanted the choice to be made by the whole group and not by Waveplace. Some passionate discussion followed. They decided to talk more and get back to me.

Later, Michena, Adam and I had a late lunch and then backed up all 64 laptops, which was quite the assembly line. By the time we were done, it was completely dark. We needed to use XOs to illuminate our keyboards so we could see to type.

Afterwards all the mentors joined us across the street for drinks and LOUD music. I showed them Gnome/Linux on the newest software update and suddenly it became necessary to upgrade all of their machines (most running home to get their machines) so they could have a grownup system. The rest of the night we talked and played with Gnome and AbiWord and Audacity, etc.

As we were leaving, several told me how happy they were that I had come to visit and that we were giving them this opportunity. It was truly good to see our friends that we had met in Matènwa and meet the new mentors as well. Our trip, though brief, was a true confirmation of the greatest success of our efforts … the mentors:

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