Typing now from Manalo’s Inn in Petite Rivière De Nippes on the northern end of the southern peninsula. Tonight we met with most of the ten mentors and about a dozen of the children. Before that Adam and I braved our way through Port Au Prince, Carrefour, Petite Goave, and Mirogoane in our rented Mazda pickup truck.

Let me just say that actually driving myself through Port-Au-Prince is a completely different experience. It’s a real trip navigating through a chaotic stream of pedestrians, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and animals. Not hard, actually, but very different. There’s a comfortable calamity to the maelstrom, though I was glad when we got out of town onto Route 2.

For a while it was smooth driving, then we went off 2 onto a secondary road. The bumps and chasms and impromptu lakes were another layer of fun. Then we started picking up passengers in the truck back … first a man … bump, bump (Is he still there?) and then a mother with a ten year old girl and an *infant*. Driving through mini ravines without ejecting your passengers out of the back of your cab is a new experience for me. I somehow made it through, with everyone smiling behind me.

Then we arrived at Manalo’s, which was surreal to say the least. This Italian fresco resort like place after a full day of tent-if-you’re-lucky. Now Manalo and his guests are enjoying the very loud strains of ja-haz while I’m type.

And yes, I’m tired! But we’re in Haiti, and survived our first long solo car trip (Adam’s doing great with his French). Oh, and yes, there’s a hurricane coming. Gotta love it. Tomorrow’s the last official day of hurricane season, but they made a special effort.

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