Sitting in Newark Airport, waiting to board my flight to Miami, watching the hundred or so strangers also waiting, I’m pensive and patient and getting philosophical.

With years now to this effort, with tens of thousands of dollars invested that will not go to my daughter, with my wife’s clingy kisses this morning, and my tired sore limbs that need rest . . . Why On Earth am I doing this?

Why am I flying to Haiti when I could much more easily train teachers in my local elementary school? Are these people around me less worthy than Haitians? What of their children, their futures, their hopes and frustrations? Shouldn’t I be improving my own community, the neighborhood I live in, and not some faraway place?

I have no connection to Haiti other than a trip I took with my mother when I was twelve. I have no reason to be there, or anywhere else outside my home. So why the expense, the danger, the endless hours, the pit in my stomach?

Because it’s the place of greatest need. Plain and simple. Because there’s a real difference to be made there. Because I can.

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