Materials arrayed at my feet, awaiting my carry-on packs, ready to leave tomorrow at noon. There’s a calm that comes when you see the time when decisions are over. When I get on that bus, I’ll have everything I’ll have, and no more.

This morning started with a terrific call with the head of school at JP/HRO, the Sean Penn camp outside PĂ©tionville. Lisa sounds very interesting in having a pilot there.

Talked details with Beth and Adam. We’re pretty amazed that we’ve arranged as much as we have in so little time. Eleven organizations want to hear more, with five more awaiting responses. We couldn’t have hoped for a better result three weeks ago when this autumn trip first became a possibility.

Today was printing day … mentor certificates, English & Creole lesson books, waveplace intro letters. Went a couple of rounds with Staples and picked them up tonight. Aside from choosing too light a weight for the intro’s (trying to save money), they all came out well. I’ll have good stuff to hand out down there.

Went trick-or-treating with my daughter and wife, then to a Halloween party to chat with friends. Told the Haiti trip thing a few times. Just now thinking how odd it must seem to people first hearing about it. It’s like any truly experiential process, like raising children or starting a business, etc. Unless you’ve done it, it’s pretty much impossible to describe.

Haiti, with eyes wide open. I’m ready to go.

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