We’ve passed the point where planning means much. From here on, it’s pure scramble: what do I absolutely need before I leave?

This morning I tested the new XO build on both my XO 1.5 and the older XO 1.0. I’ll be upgrading 50+ laptops and reflashing 100 more, so it helps to have it down now. Troubleshooting becomes much more difficult in the field. I’ll also need to debrick a portion of the laptops. I’ve got a debricker cable and will try on one bricked donated machine tonight to remind myself of the process.

Beth sent new mentor certificates to my local Staples for me to pick up. We’re also considering printing out new copies of our courseware. We still haven’t settled the transportation issue, though we have a rental car reserved for $462 a week, which is half what we were quoted before. Looks like Adam and I will be braving the treks from town to town, relying on local translators rather than bring along our own.

Spoke with John Engle for a good long time today. Looks like several children in the Cite Soleil school have diarrhea, which likely means cholera. We already know Mirebalais has cholera, so our trip could get interesting. I’m not so much worried about our own health as the health concerns and potential unrest around us.

Did a call-in interview for a New York radio station this afternoon. The broadcast will air this Saturday and will be available as a podcast. The interview itself was easy . . . I’ve got my rap down, having repeated it hundreds and hundreds of times. If anyone wants me to do an interview, contact Beth and I’ll make time, even down in Haiti if I’m connected.

I’m supposed to connect with these haiti cowboys, who are down there now. They were on the radio show last week. The article’s an interesting read, particularly, “DEATH TO THE NGO THIEVES” and news of the two aid worker murders.

Luckily, I’m in good hands with John Engle. He’s been through much worse while living in Port-au-Prince. I’m less worried outside the capital, though safety in Haiti should never be taken lightly. Our plan is to travel without stop from location to location, stay inside at night, and have a Creole-speaking Haitian with us when out of our car.

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