After nonstop San Francisco and homestead catchup and Haiti trip prep, my body’s crying out for some serious rest. Intended to take the day off today, but got called into a meeting anyway. I just now glanced at Twitter to see the ebb and flow of #cholera tweets and other details. Earlier went to LL Bean to pick up a $90 water purifier and some camping stuff, then CVS for mini-toiletries. I guess there’s no day off between two big trips.

The toughest part is pushing through when there’s nothing left in the tank. I had a day in SF where I was barely trudging through, which made me wonder about my twelve days in Haiti. Rest is a necessary of life, as the lack of it makes everything hard, particularly conjuring up good will and sincere discussion when inside it’s a struggle.

Somehow in the next three days I need to unplug and unwind.

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