Oh, yes, right . . . I’m going to Haiti in five days. Details for the trip were essentially sidetracked in San Francisco. This morning we confront all that’s still not settled.

* water purifier .. Bill left it home, so I’ll have to get another, or pills

* malaria pills .. I have some left over, but I’ll need about 14 more (and they’re expensive, at least the last minute ones)

* laptops .. I had hoped to hand out some XOs to potential new partners, but I left the five I was going to bring in SF at the Kleiders

* visit details … who, where, when, phone. Beth is working on this. We’re currently up to eight school visits and four organization meets.

* new organizations … we’re still hoping to meet with PIH, UN, Save the Children, JP/HRO, IDB, and others

* upgrade/backup … need to test the latest upgrade & backup stuff

These kind of details run the show until we fly home.

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