Flying east after five exciting days, I’m at a lost to sum things up, likely because I’m exhausted beyond words. Saturday night I went to sleep at 8pm and woke at 3am. I was then up for 22 hours straight, slept three hours, and am still up.

My favorite part of yesterday was the “service with high school & college” session where I finally got to see Beth and Christine present, along with the gentlemen from Upper Canada College and RIT. Later I lunched with the UCC folks and Christine. Something’s brewing with regards to North American students, not sure what yet.

My panel was decent, though I didn’t enjoy it much. Couldn’t find a Mac DVI dongle and so had to scramble to get my Etoys slides and movies onto Beth’s netbook. Got hurried before I could finish my main points and was noticeably miffed (“Travel 3000 miles to talk for six minutes.”) The questions were decent, though the usual panel dynamics ensued … “I agree with everything already said, and one more thing.” More and more, I’m believing the only useful conference format is informal discussion.

Listened in on Barbara Berry’s video interview in the hallway. She’s certainly a breath of fresh air. I’m feeling much better about OLPC in Cambridge with her in the mix.

The drive to Bolinas along foggy twisty Route 1 was dicey. We hit a boulder and got a flat, though made it to the party soon after. There I had great talks with Morgan Ames, Nadine Muschette, and many others. A long and tired drive brought us to Carol Ruth Silver’s house for our three hour nap, then the airport where I had a long, good, talk with Daniel Drake.

Throughout were many talks about Haiti, which has helped immeasurably to ready my head for my trip next week. Hearing so much enthusiasm from projects around the world has strengthened my resolve for the coming days. Now if I can only catch up on sleep this week.

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