Yesterday was quite something. Each session at the OLPC San Francisco Community Summit seemed custom-fit to our current needs: first, solar power and storage solutions in *Haiti*; then research brainstorming focusing on *Jamaica*; and finally peer-to-peer learning in *Nicaragua*. Midway through I had great talks with Barbara Berry, Jennifer Martino, Morgan Ames, and many others. We even did fifteen minutes of whiteboard brainstorming about Sugar Journal instrumentation and a replicated question-map network (more on this later).

As for Haiti, I’m loving the new trending topic, which is #cholera. Had a talk with my wife yesterday about it. She’s worried of course. Truth is, there’s nothing to do other than what I would have already done: purify water & be careful about the food I eat. Still, even the word “cholera” raises my anxiety level.

I’ve got a half dozen unanswered emails regarding Haiti logistics, so swamped with the conference that I’m neglecting the prep. Transportation, meetings, translator. Decisions need to be made soon. More anxiety.

Later I’m presenting on the “Deployment Successes” panel, which is being streamed at 11:30 PDT (2:30 ET, 6:30p GMT). I’m less worried about this than cholera, but the word “success” is giving me agita. Not my title.

Anyway, I’m off for another day of nonstop talk. I’ve got this secret dream that the whole bunch of us could work together on some pilots. What a wonderful assemblage of talent and ideas .. a true dream team.

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