Riding a bus to the “Books in Browsers” event. Spent the day in San Fransisco with Beth and three other OLPC Community folks, Pablo Flores (Uruguay) and Tabitha Roder (New Zealand). Beth and I are staying at the Fort Mason Hostel with wonderful views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove across it yesterday to get a better view, then found the Trieste Cafe where jazz drove the conversation.

Following yesterday’s general goals, today I’ll discuss specific goals for our Haiti efforts in the near term. Currently we have four active pilots in Haiti with four dormant ones that can continue with funding. We’ve established good partnerships with four partner NGOs, each of which help us to sustain what we’ve started. We’ve trained 40 adult mentors and given 250 laptops.

Our mission to this point was to establish demonstrable success so that others could see for themselves the worth of these pilots. Having done this, the next goal is to show this success to people in a position to sustain these efforts. This is the primary purpose of my trip.

My goal is to grow things organically so that Waveplace, our partners, and the Haitian mentors aren’t overwhelmed by potential problems or lack of enthusiasm. Success begets success. Seeing this first hand is the surest way to scale.

So, here are the “golden gate goals” . . . by May 2011, I’d like:

* 16 schools, each with 5 trained mentors and $6000 a year to pay them

* 100 laptops in each of the 7 Haiti Partners and AHF schools

* 25 laptops in the other 9 new schools, with 8 new partners

* 3 Waveplace training workshops to begin 12 new pilots

That totals to:

* 800 laptops (including the 250 there already)

* 80 trained mentors

* $96,000 to pay them all for one year

Well, then, “Books in Browsers” just started, so I’ll post this.

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