It’s 4am. My body’s as lethargic as a sacked-out 2 year old. I’m trying to go back to sleep, but my brain’s a mile a minute with Haiti details.

Must be pilot time.

I leave for my Haiti reconnaissance trip in two weeks. Ten schools and ten organizations in twelve days. One hundred XO laptops, courtesy of OLPC, are now sitting in customs. We’ll be reflashing and fixing them midway through my trip, and handing them out to schools near PĂ©tionville soon after, in preparation for more formal pilots in December.

Adam Holt from OLPC will accompany me for the first week as we visit schools along the southern peninsula. In the second week, I’ll be staying with John Engle, just outside Port Au Prince.

My goals for the trip are clear: 1) visit with potential coordinators associated with different schools; 2) evaluate needs (electricity, Internet, safety, shelter); 3) visit ongoing pilots and see how things are progressing.

Two weeks ago, the thought of more pilots this fall was just an idea. Since getting the green light, it’s been a nonstop flood of details. Thank goodness I have Beth helping me, otherwise I’d be staying home. Lodging, transportation, translators, sites, meets: It’s still in flux, even now.

The tough part is always the start, the details no one hears about. Much of the good we do happens before getting on the plane, so I’ll be blogging about the nitty gritty stuff every day till I leave, then each day there.

And tonight, hopefully, I’ll get some sleep.

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