We received a report from Joseph, one of our Darbonne mentors, today.

As some know, our ten Darbonne mentors have chosen, on their own accord, to continue teaching their students for one hour per day, despite the fact that no one has found the funds to pay them yet.

Marie Flore and Nahomie have been working with their own team of ten students on the other side of the river, since flooding these months makes it difficult to ford it. The other eight mentors have been working with the remaining 30 students in town.

Here is what Joseph wrote to me:

“Even though the team still hasn’t found money to pay us, we’re going to continue working because the children deserve this great opportunity. There’s a Haitian proverb that says, ‘Even the frog peeing helps the river run.’ This is one of the ways we can help the children of our country.”

It’s such a simultaneously crushing and heartwarming story– that these mentors, who have little to begin with themselves, are sacrificing their time in order to volunteer to help their own children. It’s stories like these that I wish I could just pass on to someone who can help.

I was talking to a friend not long ago that was telling me how the IADB is having an event discussing OLPC. It’s a hard program to fund, I think, because it’s not easy to find quick, quantifiable data about the benefits of computers in a Haitian classroom. But our mentors are showing that the program, which has only been running since March, is making such an enormous impact that they have independently chosen to keep this program going without any payment and very little outside support.

If only the right people knew that, would these mentors still be struggling?

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