Great news!! Our pilot in Petite Riviere des Nippes has gained enough funding to continue for five more months to come.

“The laptop program Waveplace has put together has had a very positive effect on the mentors as well as the students involved with the pilot program in Petite Riviere Di Nippes, Haiti,” said Jack Davidson, the director of the American Haitian Foundation, our partner organization in Petite Riviere.

“The children enrolled in the program are out performing their peers in all subjects. This year during registration many parents have asked how they could get their children involved with the program. We plan to continue the program for the next five months.”

We are so proud of our mentors and students in Petite Riviere. Looks like a good program that will only continue to grow.

Stay posted on our site for more news from Petite Riviere and other locations as Waveplace develops programs throughout Haiti.

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