Here’s a post from the Haiti Partners blog. It tells a short but very touching story about one of the students in our Waveplace program in Darbonne:

XO Laptop Helps Healing

August 29, 2010

Haiti Partners participated in a pilot with Waveplace and OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) of 200 xo laptops in April and May of this year. Last week I (John Engle) visited with about 20 students from our various partner schools to see how they’re progressing. Respecting one of OLPC’s principles, all students in our partner schools keep the laptops so that they can continue learning.
I was amazed to see progress they’ve made in using them: typing, doing illustrations, taking and manipulating photos, creating electronic books, doing math, etc.

I was also deeply touched by “Lordz” story. (pictured below) Her mother was killed on December 26, 2009. Stabbed by her father. “I moved in with my godmother. Then, the earthquake destroyed our home several weeks later. When I become overwhelmed by sadness I grab my laptop and my tears go away.”

See pictures and the original article here:

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