Ready to head to São Tomé e Príncipe, the small, two-island nation off the west coast of Africa. Will stay a month to help teach Etoys to the kids that I kickstarted a program with on behalf of the non-profit organization, STeP UP ( Now we’re taking on new challenges, bringing more computers to the kids at the São João School (have about 20 in hand, which is 20% more computer than we started with, yay!) and developing a summer program with the students and teachers of last year’s program, then slowly easing them into another year of fabulous learning.

Not to forget, of course, another fabulous field trip to the beach, among other things.

Stay tuned as I blog about the adventures that await, starting June 23rd (though I don’t get in to São Tomé until June 25th). Also will do some cross-posting on my STEP UP OLPC (what I call the resulting organization) blog at

Can’t wait!

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