Last day in St. John.

Had a blast swimming with Tim’s daughter’s nanny, Nicole- renting kayaks and snorkeling equipment and finally hitting the water!!!

At Gifft Hill today. Class is going well but everyone is rowdy. End of the school year activity I suppose. We’re all working on our storybooks and they’re actually going extremely well. The kids are adding animations and pictures to their stories which are really fun. Not sure if they really did it simultaneously with the Basic Etoys lesson, but regardless of that fact they seem to be learning very quickly.

Having some severe problems with saving on Etoys. It seems like there are a handful of students who are saving their projects and then losing either portions of their projects or the entire project when they try to open it again. Not sure how to resolve this…but we need to look into it. I never saw this bug in Haiti, but then again, kids weren’t opening projects they had been previously working on much…

A couple of stragglers- Mike Dawson and Salim Hayran from Afghanistan, Bernie Innocenti from Sugar Labs. George Hunt, Jessica Curtis, Adam Holt, Richard Smith and Larry Wright all left today. It will be sad when all is quiet again.

More details to come when I’m back home and rested 😉

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