At the Gifft Hill School, there are flowers all over the projector screen. They keep duplicating, one after another. “Make sixty!” One kid shouts. “Make a thousand!” Exclaims another.

Today is the most calm, disciplined day I have maybe ever seen in my whole experience with the XO laptop. It is also because the Guy Benjamin school was closed today due to flood warnings so we have double our mentors, plus a whole bunch of Realness participants that wanted to come and join in.

We have 20 students, and about 16 adults. Today, class is not One Laptop per Child but One Mentor per Child!

Got the morning off so we could all be tourists- unfortunately it’s been raining like crazy so we haven’t really benefitted much from the time, though we did have a fabulous talk with some of our Realness participants while in the pavilion. Mike Dawson of OLPC Afghanistan, Richard Smith/Adam Holt of OLPC and Christoph Derndorfer of OLPC News and I all sat down for a good old talk about the reach, content improvement and other strategies of development for OLPC deployments worldwide.

It’s amazing, really- the more we discuss, the more we have to talk about. Up ’till now, there has been little chance for people to look each other in the eye and just figure stuff out- ask questions about other deployments, seek solutions to their own deployments- and now we have that chance. We were talking about the success in Uruguay and then said out loud, oh, we should ask Carlos Rabassa about this, he’s coming from Uruguay and will be at Realness this weekend.

It’s funny, the information age. Sometimes you really feel gratitude for the good old method of sitting down with someone, getting a drink, and talking shop.

And that’s exactly what Realness is all about.

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