Class today goes great. George Hunt and Jessica Curtis have joined on board and came with us to class today. It was great having them join up. We’re expecting some new people tomorrow evening too- can’t believe the summit is already here.

Today we worked on Etoys Lesson 2 and tried to build interest among the kids in storytelling, using the book item in the Etoys supply box (which is something students learn in Lesson 2). I was with the Guy Benjamin School today, the same school that Waveplace did a pilot with a couple of years back. We were, in fact, in the same room that Waveplace was in the first time around, so it was an interesting and slightly eerie thing to see the scene of the first Waveplace video in real life.

It’s so interesting being here after being in Haiti. The ability to teach in English is an incredible asset to teaching Etoys…the kids are just learning the material SO fast…almost too fast for us to be able to keep up with them! I see people interacting with the kids in ways that I never felt able to interact with our kids in Haiti. And they are more engaged.

I certainly don’t believe that my native language is the only language that Etoys can be effectively taught in…but it’s certainly nice to not have to deal with bad translations, things left in English, and holding back fun ways of explaining something for the sake of translation and comprehension.

Today the girls finished lesson 2 in 30 minutes. With an hour left to go, they came up to me and asked what they could do. I reminded them that we had wanted to start integrating a little bit of storytelling, and maybe they could talk to kids about elements of a good story. They agreed to do that, and worked on it for a bit before Tim and Larry came by with some new laptops (a few kids had laptops that weren’t working so we replaced them with ones that were working). Even with the craziness of getting the new laptops in the middle of class, we were still able to finish the lesson. It’s interesting to see the differences in a country that speaks English and is, to put it bluntly, wealthier.

Christoph mentioned putting more emphasis on Sugar, particularly during this short time period that we have. I think that’s a great idea. Understanding the way Sugar works (the journal, the different views, connecting to the network) is essential. I’m excited for the Realness Summit to begin, when we’ll be able to talk with even more members of the OLPC community about their ideas on how best to develop a program with these XOs. I’m always interested in hearing about other experiences, that is for sure.

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