(about Friday)

Today was mainly ups; a few downs. It’s hard to say much in the last few days. You just try to watch it all pass, and erase any mistakes that you know you can change permanently. Everything else you just cross your fingers that it works out right.

Today the mentors stopped class early because they didn’t understand a part of Lesson 7. We were confused because it seems like they just stopped class without even really asking Bill or myself for help. They asked Benaja, and Benaja explained, but they decided to stop class anyway, apparently because they failed to communicate to Benaja that they still didn’t understand.

It was a little bit awkward and weird because all we wanted to do was say “WHY DID YOU STOP?” We stayed after class and tried to explain to the mentors the thing that they didn’t understand. It turns out it was the smallest of misunderstandings (not sure if this is less frustrating or more). They do accept the fact that they will have to teach 1 _ lessons tomorrow, though.

Besides that, though, class went well. We have great teachers and they really know how to control a classroom and that is so important! We explained the math lessons and they said “oh, that’s so easy!” I know they’re going to enjoy teaching them. We pretty much have them ready to go so we’re excited to her how those lessons run!

Tomorrow we are also scheduled to have our repairs class in the morning. It’s going to be quite a day, with the repair class from 7am-10am and then the students’ class from 10am-12pm. Not to mention tomorrow is a small holiday in Haiti, or so I hear.

Just arranged for all of the kids in our pilots to have mini-mice to counter the misbehaving trackpads. We basically decided that it was pretty impossible to do Etoys without them! Thanks to Tim, who made the final decision to purchase them (and Bill, who basically begged him to), they’ll be coming to a pilot near you in the next couple of weeks. Just enough time for the end of our six-week pilot (doh).

Headed to Etienne’s school after class today. The school is about a 45-minute walk from Matènwa. There are 113 students there and 11 teachers, I believe. They are all so determined to learn, it’s heartbreaking to see the resources they have (or, better put, the resources they don’t have!). Would love to help them out someday and build them a new school with some more materials. But that sounds like it would be something to look to in the long-term.

One last announcement: Helping Tim plan the Waveplace/OLPC Realness Summit (check out http://www.realness.org) to happen from May 28-31 in Maho (US Virgin Islands). Very excited about it. If you can stop by, you really should.

Right now Bill and I have a lot to talk about- mainly what to do with the current kids while the Matènwa teachers train five new mentors for six weeks. It might be another blast of educational programming coming straight to you from Waveplace minds! Stay tuned for more action as we take on a computer repairs class, Basic Etoys Lesson 8, and our last day at Matènwa tomorrow, May 1st!

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